On-Time and In-Budget Performance will give high level efficiency and profitability in the Construction Industry.

Construction Industry Well Managed by SAP Products.

There is an increase in demand for the construction industry due to rapid growth however, the small and medium sized construction businesses face challenges on a daily basis due to under utilization of resources, inflexibility, lack and inadequate project planning and scheduling. ERP solutions like SAP Products are 100% suitable to manage construction business and aid in increasing profitability by the means of delivering projects in the right budget and on time.

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SAP Products gives solution to the following construction industry functions:

  • Administration of Contracts
  • Enterprise level Asset Management
  • Quality Management
  • Management of Measurement Books
  • RA Billing
  • Bill Of Quantities or BOQ Management
  • Management of Sub-Contracts
  • Tendering
  • Management of Resources
  • Project Management of:
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Budgeting and Costing
  • Bin and Warehouse Management
  • Benefits of Using SAP Products for Construction Business Management:

  • Construction companies can get better visibility of your project costing, budgeting, scheduling and execute regulatory compliance throughout the organization.
  • Eliminate shortfall of material and manage sales operations, purchases and project planning with data based decision making leading to better resources allocation.
  • Proper channel is utilized for material requirement planning by the use SAP Products.
  • Top management approval system and alerts will be in place for regulatory norms and policies as per construction industry.
  • A complete cloud based system will allow you access the system from anywhere and anytime aiding you to manage projects sites in multiple locations efficiently.
  • Financial and accounting will be easier than ever as an fully integrated inventory management system will be in place for real time data analysis and management.
  • Impact of the project can be determined at any level as you will have access to all project tasks and schedules with costs.
  • Compare projects of various types with contracts, permits and fundamental documents, CAD drawings and other important documents will be attached to the system.
  • Streamlined sales and purchase operation to meet your commercial and business requirements.
  • Based on priority of your project you can allocate resources for your company.
  • Have a clear view of present, future and historical data with integrated project management.
  • Make decisions fast and accurately with real time reports and dashboards.
  • How would Construction Industry benefit from SAP Products:

  • Construction related in depth reports and documents will help in follow up with vendors, team and clients likewise.
  • Customer relationship will be enhanced by use of digital system
  • Financial management will be extensively productive.
  • All departments' compiled reports will be generated for better project insight.
  • Project resources and work in progress will be transparent based on analytical reports.
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  • Amalgamate both financial and operational view of analytics and point of reports with single project view or project management.
  • Business Intelligence and the project system will be integrated.
  • On Budget and On Time performance will be enhanced leading to higher project profitability.
  • Why Origin Info?

    Key pain areas of the construction industry and business are addressed by the use of SAP Products. Key modules are integrated with each other to achieve expected solutions for problem areas like poor cash flow and adapting, inflexibility, planning, budget and costing. At Origin Info, we provide solutions with expertise to ensure that the construction industry is well managed and runs smoothly.