A bespoke solution with high configuration capabilities to take on engineering industry challenges

Engineering capabilities achieved by SAP Solutions

One of the largest industrial sectors is Engineering and has high demand for real time information to manage various segments. Having access to all business functions is vital for an engineering industry as it thrives on project based work. Various divisions of the engineering industry are united by SAP Products in real time accounting platform thus it makes business operations fairly simple and effective. Information derived from various sources can be combined and disseminated across in a systematic manner and such tasks are achieved by SAP solutions. Best time and data management are enabled by various tools.

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SAP Products solution covers the following Engineering business functions:

Engineering industry use of SAP Solution for improving their business functions:

  • Team working in the field and in the head quarters alike are well connected and are aware about the information across the project which is made possible due to SAP Products.
  • You can get a complete 360 degree view of your businesses processes, compliance, support and after sales, and support streamlining the same.
  • Engineering industry can build new revenue streams with SAP Business Solutions and it will enable customer demand satisfaction. Reduce cost of supply chain, cycle times will be lessened, and scrap and rework are reduced as well which will lead to high profits.
  • Minimize inventory cost by ensuring that distributors and end-customers are getting their goods dispatched efficiently.
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  • SAP integration features will integrate and standardize processes within the complete business and business locations with its subsidiary.
  • Yield optimization and enhanced production processes efficiency is achieved by SAP production controlling and planning.
  • Component supplies in production and finished goods can be viewed and reported with fully integrated inventory management.
  • Boosting supply chain visibility and automating key processes with better control of your operations as part of SAP solutions.
  • Changes in scope, schedule, project definition are accommodated within the system for easy management.
  • Analysis of resources, progress of the project and plans happens effortlessly as an integrated system.
  • Variation in projects and their impacts are very well managed in the midway as single project view is enabled using this system.
  • Project effectiveness will increase ten folds as a result of on-time and on-demand performance.
  • Grow your business by improving resource deployment at lower costs and increased revenues.
  • Clients are better satisfied as SAP solutions complete projects on time and within the specified budget.
  • How do Engineering Services Industry benefit from SAP solutions:

  • Problem solving capabilities are enhanced due to quick response to service calls and complaints.
  • Customer requirements are met by retaining right talent based on Key performance indicators.
  • SAP will support in reducing penalties, and manage regulatory standards, quality, and compliance with industry.
  • Job work Costing will be accurate and better than before.
  • Financial management and cash flow will be better managed.
  • Efficient tools help you control project costs.
  • Increase your business operation scope and scale and reduce costs.
  • Project specific controls will be more visible.
  • Smarter planning and resource allocation will be achieved by optimized inventory costs.
  • Resource management tools and effective time management will be possible.
  • Real - Time information will be accessed easily.
  • Why Origin Info?

    Origin info has great experience in providing and deliverging SAP solutions like Business One, Hana and ByDesign to all engineering business requirements by keeping in mind the challenges faced by the engineering industry, this will include project planning, production and testing facilities of large scale. And taking care of real time access fo important and critical information with intense competition, real time inventory tracking and standardising processes.