Food & Beverages

ERP Solution that will give you a scalable and efficient management and production solution.

Food & Beverage Industry Management with SAP Products.

Recently there is a high demand for SAP Business One. There is an enhancement of business use due to adoption of SAP cloud based software solutions; irrespective of companies size or products they are offering. There is a full automation of accounting and management functions so that the daily tasks are a lot more easier so that decision makers can focus on more productive activities and tasks than focusing their efforts on less important things. In the same manner, the food and beverage industry has used SAP Products and achieved better output for their operations.

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In the past few years there has been a great revolution in the food industries. Due to the boom in the food industry there are many challenges and competition faced by it. It may be a food supplier, food manufacturer or a restaurant business owner and management of such business has to start using the latest technology to deal with challenges like food quality, hygiene, inventory management, compliance and guidelines management and making sure that the management tasks are automated to business operations are streamlined.

More and more customers are using the global food and beverage industry as it is flourishing in the last few years. There is an exponential rise in demand in the global market and this situation has escalated the food price at an alarming rate. Quality governmental regulation, traceability of products, low profit margins, innovation and increased demands are key challenges faced by the food and beverage industry. SAP Products indicates current requirements specified by the food industry and provides solutions to that specific need.

SAP Business One provide solution for food and beverage companies as follows:

  • Export and Import Management
  • Service and Complaint Management
  • Management of Co-Products
  • Costing of Products
  • MRP - Material Requirement Planning
  • QC - Quality Control
  • Scrap and Yield management
  • Data collection automation.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Management of Bin
  • Scheduling of Production
  • Forumation and Receipt Management
  • How can Food and Beverage Industry benefit from SAP Products:

  • A single system integration functionality can take care of Operations, Finance, Manufacturing, Purchase and Sales.
  • Various recipes used for manufacturing products in multiple ways are supported by SAP Products.
  • Managing stock becomes very efficient as the entire process of production, packaging and distribution is controlled in click of a button.
  • Complete value chain can be controlled automatically for managing and controlling items or ingredients thus it will reduce manual work.
  • Manage machine breakdowns and reduce interruptions with improving resources planning.
  • Real time optimization of cash flow and production capacity by the use of SAP solutions which improves collaboration within distribution and production departments.
  • Multiple bin locations and warehouses now cna track and manage inventory with full traceability with unique batch numbers and serial numbers with expiration dates.
  • Seasonal forecasting and planning for unique products can be done by the use of Material Requirement Planning or MRP.
  • Visibility of raw materials and work in progress reports are more enhanced for decision making with ease of managing after sales service management, complaints and return of goods.
  • Bar code technologies are easily integrated with SAP Solutions.
  • Delivered products are under a constant check by the use of a fully integrated control system for complete management.
  • Trends tracking for quick and better decision making are possible by the use of in-built tools.
  • Food safety by the government regulation department is fully integrated with the system for environmental protection, nutrition labeling, taxes, packaging and food safety.

    Practical outcomes and application of SAP Products for Food & Beverages Industry:

  • Higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • On time delivery possible due to automation of delivery management system and reduced errors.
  • Easy management of co-products and by-products.
  • Legal standards and GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines are supported by the ERP.
  • Multiple level margin calculation is possible with flexibility needed for the food and beverage industry.
  • Cost calculator will be adaptable and favorable.
  • Supply chain leading from vendors and customers will be recorded and managed by full accountability.
  • Why Origin Info?

    Value addition to products, food wastage reduction, traceability of batches, batch date control, scrap and yield management, management of recipes and formulation are all major pain areas due to lack of automation and management in the food and beverage industry. However, Origin Info aids in overcoming all the major pain areas by the use of SAP Solution.