Know your production Costs with high level of accuracy with SAP Products.

A professionally deployed process management, resources and inventory are mandatory for any well equipped manufacturing industry or unit, which can be achieved by proper strategy and planning at management level. Here is where modern manufacturing needs a ERP support system that meets all the needs of the manufacturing business unit. BOM’s or bills of materials, material requirements and production orders are all efficiently managed in a centralized ERP system powered by SAP Products.

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SAP Products aids in automating and refining the following business functions within the Manufacturing Industry:

  • Bin Location Management
  • Costing and Quality Management
  • Batch Production
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Purchasing and Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Integrated Mobility Solution
  • Import and Export Management with necessary documents
  • Warehouse Management
  • Integrated Inventory Management System
  • Accounting and Financials
  • Compliance and Maintenance
  • Product Marketing and Campaigning
  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Yield and Scrap Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Benefits of Using SAP Products in Manufacturing Industry:

  • Your workforce, labor and machinery will get a boost due to proper utilization of resources related to your production line which will reduce time and increase efficiency of the output of your end product.
  • As the manufacturer, you can plan your time and communication protocols in reduced time as the result of using SAP B1 which will positively impact your decision making based on market demand and quick mobility of projects.
  • Order margins calculations are more realistics and accurate as SAP Products provides secure and formulaic delivery time.
  • The quality control mechanism offered to manufacturers, allows quick alteration and changes in orders leading to increase in satisfaction of customers.
  • Held or pending stock or work problems are solved by the use of SAP Products within the Manufacturing industry.
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  • Engineer - to - Order, Make - to - Order, Mixed Mode Manufacturing types, light manufacturing, Process, assembly and batch management supported by SAP Products.
  • Complete 360 degree streamlining and improvement in efficiency is derived by taking care of the complete business cycle from production to purchasing.
  • Improves managerial decision making and management by streamlining production and planning.
  • Real time tracking of stock movement and inventory.
  • Takes care of Out Of Stock situations and reduces inventory carrying costs.
  • Manufacturing process will be well managed by meeting guidelines to track, report and order with regulatory order needed for manufacturing processes.
  • Enhances profit margin by means of accurate calculation leading to higher profit in overall business.
  • Better and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Increased rate of utilization for labor and machines.
  • Quick and better decision making due to real time reports.
  • SAP Products's In-Build process infrastructure for Manufacturers

    Simplify management and definition of template Bills Of Materials, Sales, Assembly and Production. You can save and store for future reference description, warehouse, item composition, bill of materials number very easily in a few steps at the same time when you are recording production issue methods, prices and per item quantities at each and every step and level. A record is maintained in both components and products when a bill of material is added to quantities, pricing, sales order, production or purchase.

    Multi-Level processes, complex material requirements and production can easily be planned with SAP Products. You can plan Material Requirements Planning or MRP by generating specific scenarios based on planning horizon, data sources and items with SAP MRP wizard. When the scenarios are generated, Material Requirement Planning or MRP scenarios can be saved and reused for phase planning. Product components total requirements are considered based on Material Requirement Planning (MRP) auto generated production and purchase orders which are required for final product manufacturing directly proportional to time and quantity production schedule.

    Financial and Sales features which give complete visibility of real time business data and production processes are derived by fully integrated efficient SAP Products manufacturing functionality.


    Why Origin Info?

    Origin Info takes pride in solving all major challenges that are faced by their clients dealing with Manufacturing Industry. Manufacturing challenges we took care of are like product costing, product development, environmental considerations, discrepancies in supply chain and inventory management, managing throughput and data migration with increasing raw material costs.