Packaging Industry

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Packaging Industry making use of SAP Solutions

Products value and demand are directly proportionate to the packaging material and design used and is not an integral part of the product itself. Packaging with a good quality material and design will persuade the buyer to buy the product which is inside the box or packaging. However, the packaging industry faces challenges that are related to accessing information, data in an integrated view that is in real time to enhance business operations. SAP solutions like business one, S/4 Hana and By Design are the best ERP solutions to match the custom requirements of the packaging industry making the business much more smoother and efficient.

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SAP solutions covers the following business function related to packaging companies:

  • Service and complaint management
  • Integration of barcode
  • Transport and Loading management
  • Stock handling and management
  • Storage and Product stacking.
  • UOMs or Multiple Units of Measurement management.
  • Bin and Warehouse Management
  • Scheduling and product planning
  • How does the Packaging industry benefit from SAP Solutions?

  • Accuracy in orders is improved as a result of better planning capability by the use of SAP solutions.
  • Cash flow would be better estimated and give better understanding to make decision in a timely manner with the available information which is derived by SAP system.
  • Capacity is optimized and productivity is improved by the use of the system features like individual and alternative resources like labors, tools and machinery, scheduling and planning for groups and more.
  • Customer satisfaction will be boosted by having timely, accurate and better inventory management by using this system.
  • Fewer resources will be utilised with efficient project delivery that allows companies to have timely visibility of data and better allocation of resources.
  • All data can be accessed in the system with different levels of permits in real time and from a single platform thus making the process more smoother and easier.

    Benefits of using SAP solutions for packaging industry:

  • Efficient costing insights into process will improve profit margins.
  • Multi Level margin calculation will be possible with flexibility.
  • Beneficial cost calculation procedure.
  • Stock outs will be reduced and avoided thus increasing sales and making right products be availed on the shop shelves.
  • PLC, CAD and more subsystems will be integrated and simple to use.
  • Entire supply chain will be having effective quality assurance.
  • Management of ISO standards and other compliance will be handled in the system.
  • Documentation and Operations process will be streamlined for the complete system.
  • Scheduling and planning will be managed by advanced systems.
  • Why Origin Info?

    Lack of flexible resources, production scheduling and planning, supply chain management, inventory, waste management, higher customer demand, raw material prices hikes, are few of the problems faced by the packaging industry today. Origin Info will customize a broad range of packaging firms functions to meet their operational and supply chain needs.