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Enhanced relevant services improves customer relationships.

Professionals Services Management with SAP Products

Local and Global operations benefit from SAP solutions for professional services by seeing it through a frictionless flow of information and people are managed without any hassle and complements in identifying profitable clients, retaining the best talent, increasing utilization of employees, development of talent, opportunities and services, acquisitions, and more. Looking at the increasing demands of the clients for increasing their profitability; and this pressure comes down on professionals services to maintain a right path with alignment to operation to delivery, consistent delivery and high value services offered to demand both likewise to the clients. And this is possible with SAP Products and related SAP solutions.

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Lot of pressure is faced by professional service firms for example eroding margins, high demands of service levels, commoditized services, new breeds of competition. Professionals services are constantly looking for ways to improve their delivery to clients and increase their value to ensure that the talent is more integrated and more efficiently managed in their intra service delivery model.

All sizes of companies can enable SAP solutions for professionals services to enhance, develop and adhere to government regulatory requirements, drive profitability, operate efficiently, improve projects, get maximum resource utilization, improve customer and client relationships.

Professionals and organizations who offer knowledge base expertise and custom solutions to their clients are part of the professional service industry. The professionals service industry has the problem of selling their expertise to the management and / or leadership cadre as the experience or expertise offered by the professional service provider as its intangible and use a leveraging system for profitability maximization. For the same to be achieved the professionals need to keep check and balances on the resources for each project from clients perspective and costs associated with the project and SAP Products ensures the same deliverables with their state of art features and advantages which will build a strong relationship with the clients by catering to their demands efficiently. Real Time and Single view of operations is facilitated by SAP Products making the support and management process automatic and digital.

SAP Products covers the following functions for Professional Service Providers:

  • HRM or Human Resource Management
  • Business Partnership Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Opportunity to Cash
  • Management of Assets
  • Service and Complaint Management
  • Management of Sales Opportunity
  • Management of Campaign
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management
  • Benefits of Using SAP Products for Professionals Services Providers:

  • Fast and quick decision making is enabled due to real time dashboards and analytics reports.
  • Irrespective of location or time, you can access useful tools that will support you in meeting customers or clients needs quicker than before thus this will improve your customer relationships.
  • Dynamic sales opportunity management system allows acquisition of profitable clients.
  • Small and mid sized professional service companies are well managed by SAP Products which enables them for effective project management which is the outcome of catering to the entire workflow of the company.
  • Billing accuracy and financial management are improved by many times including cash flow by the use of this system.
  • More customers can be attracted by the use of E-mail campaign as part of your marketing plan.
  • You can easily track and manage your after sales services and complaints by the use of SAP Products modules.
  • All the employees will have access to project details and information related to business partners and they will be stored in the system at all times.
  • Reports about working hours, expenses can easily be available at your fingertips by the use of smart devices and the internet without the consideration of time and location. This will lead to real time analytics and data access which will be reflected in dashboards offering fast and accurate decision making.
  • Professional services benefits by SAP Products in the following way:

  • Project costing tracking, invoicing and expense management will be easy.
  • Requirements and staff resources will be managed by integrated system
  • After sales support will be actively delivered.
  • Service Contracts and warrants are managed easily.
  • KPI or Key Performance Indicator and complete business performance will be reported by the system on automated schedules.
  • Customer engagement life cycle will be controlled smoothly.
  • Customer details with transaction history will be maintained on a continuous basis.
  • Foremost delivery capabilities will be based on quality delivery services based on project management.
  • Why Origin Info?

    All necessary solutions are offered by Origin Info for taming the challenges of the fundamental level in the professional services industry for example creating resources for lack of marketing, increased competition and creating unique selling points for services.