Rental Services

Increase your profits of your rental business with SAP solutions

Rental services with SAP Products and SAP solutions

Capital is the core of any rental business and managing cash flow and leading that cashflow to profitability in the business is not a simple and easy task. Due to having different systems being used for storing data as a traditional approach in rental services; complexities have emerged in the face of rental business like billing and scheduling management, cash flow management, and customer service at an extensive level. Other primary pain areas of the rental service industry are equipment life cycle management and planning. For all of these concerns SAP Products and SAP solutions provide a complete business management solution leading to smooth operation of all the rental service sector.

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SAP Products will cover the following rental service business functions:

  • Management of Service
  • Billing
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Revenue and cash flow management
  • Reservation and order management
  • Equipment management
  • Asset management
  • How can Rental Services Business benefit from SAP Products?

  • Workflow processes will be simplified and aids in efficiency enhancements and give full access to all information in real time will be easy with SAP
  • Manage, dispatch and report all your rental organization initiatives and activities and enhance industry growth with SAP Products
  • Returns into inventory and inspects transparency of all inventories at various rental locations by serial number, tag number, equipment number and items are managed by SAP
  • Flexible pricing of rentals for equipment category or product can be managed by SAP
  • This Business solutions is highly efficient and has standard features for unifying all the back office suites with the main software thus it will give an real time profit and cost analysis at a click of a button
  • SAP Products can support in flexible billing amounts and duration or period as it is equipped with an robust options for billing and accounting
  • Billing cycle management is based on rental duration and shipping date such an solution will allow businesses to focus on better management
  • Customer satisfaction is increased by having a timely invoicing and settlement feature of SAP solutions.
  • Rental Industry getting the most of SAP Products by the following:

  • Inventory management and warehouse will be effortless
  • Multiple locations inventory management will be possible with the use of equipment number, serial number and usage details
  • On - demand or mass rental billings can be done for rent billings
  • Unreturned and returned tracking will be done extensively and without any issues.
  • Stock transfer will be automatic
  • Rented goods will be easy to manage with items grouping and bulk processing
  • Easy pick and dispatch of equipment
  • Why Origin Info?

    Origin info will cater to your business needs and provide an ultimate solution that will overcome all the challenges faced by the rental business and service industry thus increasing proficiency for all the tasks with automation.