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Multi-Channel Retailing achieved by SAP Products | An Complete Integrated Solution.

Omni Channel Retailing by SAP Products

Retailers are facing business pressure. Looking at the customer behaviour today, customers are demanding, tech savvy and fickle. These are only a few of the challenges faced by retailers. In this time of competition and challenge how does retailers maintain their profit margins? Origin Info is the answer to the above, as having Us as your SAP Products partner will transform your business to personalize customer experience leading to loyalty and higher engagement.

If you check the retail market, most of the leading brands use SAP solutions, technology and applications to attain better personalized experiences to their customers at the same time SAP Products has reduced operating costs and made the retail business run better. A digital foundation is established which will give in-depth understanding of customers' wants and how to meet their demands at an individual level in an Omnichannel approach by the use of SAP solutions for retailers.

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One of the emerging and large sectors of the economy is the global retail market and to ensure that the retail market has the flexibility in their business is one the challenges faced by corporates and SMEs alike. Retail market target audiences are currently using multiple devices in digital format like smartphones, tablets and digital media to make purchase decisions; for the same reason a single channel approach is not useful when dealing with current customers,thus Retail Market Business needs to implement a Multi-Channel retail solution provided by SAP B1. Another concern for traditional business is price comparison and product comparison which happens online before making purchasing decisions.

All types of retail operations, Point Of Sale system insights are managed by SAP Products for Retailers and used by prominent retailers at global level. Supply Chain and Financial cycles control and efficiency are achieved by SMBs to manage their end to end solutions by the use of SAP B1 for Retail.

SAP Products Solution covers following business functions specific to Retail Companies:

  • eCommerce Management
  • Sales, Service & Marketing Support
  • Profitability Optimization with Accounting & Financing
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM and Supplier Management
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Management of Assets
  • Opportunity to Cash
  • Application of SAP Products for Retail Industry:

  • Complete offline and online trading and transactions functions are uninterruptedly facilitated to retailers by SAP B1.
  • Order processing like shipment, delivery, packaging and picking made easy and streamlined.
  • Fully integrated ecommerce store having its functions with SAP Products ERP.
  • Use a 360 degree fully integrated ecommerce store to stay in competition as you trade online with your ecommerce online digital assets. Back office SAP Products Enterprise Resource Planning / ERP is integrated with your ecommerce store to achieve higher state of streamlined business operations.
  • Integrate your ecommerce with all major marketplaces like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon as part of their Omni Channel ecommerce business plan with SAP Products.
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  • Get access to a fully visible Point of Sale system or POS system which will make Point of Sale operators get inventory control data for better operations.
  • SAP Products will facilitate instant and real time communication modes with the use of email notification and SMS notification with the use of comprehensive customer relationship management or CRM and application provided within the system.
  • Point Of Sale or POS system and Stores will be well connected as end-to-end solutions provided to retail management or managers and Head Office Operations.
  • Demand prediction will enable businesses to provide and plan schemes and discounts which will be possible by tracking past orders and/or purchases of your customers.
  • Increase in efficiency will be achieved by digital touch screen interface thus improved customer experience.
  • Improved stock levels will make retailers make better decisions about how to price their products and services.
  • Retailers can use SAP Products with ease as it is simple to deploy and maintain with Origin Info.
  • How would Retail benefit from SAP Products:

  • Higher capabilities to deal with on-line and Off-line operations.
  • Manage Stock Outs, so stock out and stock in are controlled for real time in store customer demand leading to higher sales.
  • Manage payments for split, account and Cash flow.
  • Better service and timely delivery will increase in customer loyalty.
  • Allegiance programs, creditcards, lay-bys, and cash-ups managed by Integrated POS functionality.
  • Better streamlined inventory management system integrated with SAP Products will reduce your inventory cost.
  • Capture greater market share by using increased sales and online presence.
  • Cash drawing mechanism, printing, scanning barcode will be all integrated.
  • Why Origin Info?

    Major pain areas of Retail Industry like POS for customer data security, fast delivery, product availability, better customer experience, ecommerce solution, inventory and data visibility are solved by the solution managed by Origin Info experienced team and state of art technology based infrastructure.