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SAP Products catalyst for Textile Industry

Textile industry in the past was considered as handicrafts or cottage industry but not in the current times textile industry is considered as a big engineering activity that uses various technologies and fibers to design the developed textiles. Key pain areas of the textile industry are managing manpower, maintenance of machines, stock of dyes and inventory calculation which are resolved by tech provided by SAP Products. The system of SAP is precisely created and designed for garment and textile industries. An integrated application will be able to resolve all the challenges faced by textile businesses and industry making the entire business more sleek and efficient.

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SAP Products covers the following business functions of Textile Industry:

  • Pick and Pack
  • Label printing and barcode scanning
  • Acceptance reporting, rejection reporting based on Quality control subcontracts
  • WIP tracking based on orders
  • Sub-Contractor, vendor, supplier debit notes and payments management
  • Product costing and budgeting
  • Scrap and Yield costing
  • Inventory and material consumption
  • Bin location and warehouse management
  • Multi-Currency and units of measurements at all levels.
  • MRP and Production management
  • Forecashing feature
  • Batch costing and batch management
  • How can the Automotive Industry can use SAP solutions and SAP Products for Growth and progress?

  • Keep track of inventory at various levels of business by using SAP Products and SAP solutions you can use a system which is integrated with all your business departments for constant check and balances.
  • Customer satisfaction can be easily achieved by use of SAP at the highest levels which is possible through a streamlined order configuration and timely deliveries. SAP system helps the textile industry in becoming more sustainable by accommodating commodity price volatility and integrating production systems with core enterprises.
  • Real time access can be achieved in an instance for all information and allows you to check reports for complete business operations, this will result in reduction of costs and grow your business into new markets
  • Information processing time is reduced. Data coming from various location branches, factories, head offices will be transferred.
  • SAP solutions will easily manage transfers between different warehouses, inventory transactions via united processes like purchase and sale, special price agreements, price lists, items and more.
  • MRP or material requirement planning is sculpted keeping in mind procurement or raw materials.
  • Companies will be able to create production plans for based on machine capacity and automatic machine load balancing
  • WIP tracking stage and bundle wise will be carried out keeping in mind cutting, sewing, drying, ironing and washing, etc.)
  • Customers will be in constant touch and develop a close relationship as there will be integrated CRM or customer relationship management system making handling customers easy.
  • CRM will allow constant learning from customers feedback and knowing their demands.
  • Errors and duplication will be avoided based on the unified system facilitated by SAP in an efficient way which will increase expertise of the company.
  • Benefits of SAP Products for Textiles:

  • Waste management and flexible planning
  • Higher efficiency in avoiding data redundancy and errors
  • Order status reports and active open orders
  • Inventory grouping will be flexible taking into consideration size, style, pricing ,fabric and other variables
  • System control and transparency will enhance employee productivity
  • All business functions will be integrated with streamlined process without use any other software
  • Single scalable solution will reduce lead time for the entire business
  • In Built CRM will improve strong customer relationships
  • Stock consumption and order based WIP tracking will be enabled
  • Unified code generation for items
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    Why Origin Info?

    Origin Info, will provide a 360 degree solution to all your textile industry concerns and pain areas. All business processes will be integrated and easy to use the application at reduced costs.