Wholesale and Distribution

Keep price competitive and excel at customer service giving your shelves differentiation with SAP Products and SAP Solutions.

WholeSale & Distribution with SAP Products & SAP Solutions.

End customers' needs and demands are ever changing at a very fast rate and coping up with change which is common in the wholesale and distribution industry. Challenges like increasing costs, demanding customers and shrinking margins are few of the toughest challenges in the market today. SAP Products and related SAP solutions act as an ultimate solution to make the business process smooth for the complete distribution wholesale industry. Entire Order - to - Cash process is streamlined by ERP software effectively which leads to value added services offered to customers and suppliers for better management.

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SAP Products and SAP Solutions covers the following wholesale & distribution business functions:

  • Export and Import Operations
  • Integrated Inventory system with finance
  • Facility for Picking and packing departments
  • Inventory managed by supplier control
  • Forecasting and inventory planning
  • Bin and Warehouse Management
  • Wholesale and Distribution business assisted by SAP Products:

  • Historic transactions will aid in analysing the behaviour of customers who are frequently buying in a more precise and balanced stock levels in full.
  • Business management is facilitated in a robust way that takes care of secure functioning of financials, accounting, Customer Relationship management or CRM, purchase and sales.
  • Inventory and warehouse reporting tools provided by SAP Products will automate and enhance the entire business process.
  • Process streamlining is enabled which allows industry to save time, increase margins and reduce errors which will enrich collaboration with customers.
  • You can reduce inventory costs with unique features provided by SAP to enhance control of inventory and material planning.
  • Keep constant check on your business processes by using a single data source which is available just a few clicks away and gain information about goods receipt, customer, supplier management and invoices.
  • SAP is customizable enough to tailor the needs of your business and support mobility.
  • Professional services benefits by SAP Products in the following way:

  • Project costing tracking, invoicing and expense management will be easy.
  • Requirements and staff resources will be managed by integrated system
  • After sales support will be actively delivered.
  • Service Contracts and warrants are managed easily.
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  • KPI or Key Performance Indicator and complete business performance will be reported by the system on automated schedules.
  • Customer engagement life cycle will be controlled smoothly.
  • Customer details with transaction history will be maintained on a continuous basis.
  • Foremost delivery capabilities will be based on quality delivery services based on project management.
  • Why Origin Info?

    All necessary solutions are offered by Origin Info for taming the challenges of the fundamental level in the professional services industry for example creating resources for lack of marketing, increased competition and creating unique selling points for services.